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 Completed Projects

FWF-FWO Quantitative X-ray tomography of advanced polymer composites
ArthroKnee Interactive gonarthrosis data base for the three-dimensional microstructure, geometry, and biomechanics of the knee joint
Com3d-XCT Competence Center for High-Resolution 3D X-ray Imaging
MetAMMI Metrology for Additively Manufactured Medical Implants
ADAM ADAM - Advanced Multimodal Data Analysis and Visualization of Composites based on Grating Interferometer Micro-CT Data
K-Project ZPT+ K-Project for Non-destructive Testing and Tomography Plus -
INTERAQCT International Network for the Training of Early stage Researchers on Advanced Quality control by Computed Tomography -
spaceXCT X-ray Techniques for NDT and Damage Characterization of Space Materials and Components
NanoXCT Compact X-ray computed tomography system for non destructive characterization of nano materials -
QUICOM Quantitative inspection of complex composite aeronautic parts using advanced X-ray techniques -
3D-SFC 3D Simulation of Defect Accumulation of Orientation-dependent fiber-reinforced polymers through Computed Tomography
RegStore Storage of Renewable Electricity with CO2-binding via Electro-biotechnology
ReCarboFit Development of a technical service for the repair of CFRP-components
K1-Met Competence Center for Excellent Technologies in Advanced Metallurgical and Environmental Process Development
4EMobility Energy-efficient Economic and Ecological Mobility
K-Project ZPT K-Project for Non-destructive Testing and Tomography -
KnittFRP Knitted Fiber Reinforced Plastics
Sub-µCT 3D-characterisation of the microstructure of compoite-, fibre- and foam materials with sub-µm computed tomography
SmartCT Exact geometry determination and interface characterisation of multi-material components with cone-beam CT
SimCT Simulation of an indusrial 3D computed tomography system
IPC-OCT In-process control with optical coherence tomography
Multi-Scale CT Multi-scale computed tomography for 3D characterisation of heterogeneous metallic materials
Kunststoffstandort OÖ Establishment of an R&D focus on plastic- processing and charakterisation at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences
FHplus Computed tomography for industrial applications
ARAPICO Computed tomography and rapid prototyping technologies for the duplication of archaeological findings
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