Guidelines & Templates

Extended Abstract for Review

- Use the following template: abstract-author-title.docx / LaTex template
- The paper size is A4.
- The extended abstract should contain a maximum of 2 pages and will be provided in a book of abstracts during the conference to the participants.
- Structure the contribution into the chapters or only use the abstract paragraph.
Selected authors will be notified after a review of this extended abstracts by the program commitee and may choose between the iCT and the Journal Paper track.
- The document must be uploaded as PDF file.
- For the abstract submission you must name the person who will be presenting the contribution at the conference. This name will be included in the Conference Programme Folder. Changes can only be considered on the conference website.

ICT conference Paper

- The paper should contain 5-10 pages. The paper size is A4.
- Use the template of the extended abstract.
- The full paper has to be written in accordance with the iCT paper guidelines.
- The upload has to be uploaded as PDF at It will be published in the digital iCT conference proceedings on

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Journal Paper

Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation (NDTE)
- The paper should contain 5-10 pages.
- The full paper has to be written in accordance with the "Instructions for authors" of Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation
- The paper has to be submitted via Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation under "Submit an article".
- During Step 1 of the submission form select the article type “Special Issue Paper”.
- In step 6 of the submission form select "yes" for the question “Is the manuscript a candidate for a special issue?” and choose “Industrial Computed Tomography - Conference ICT2020” from the subsequent dropdown menu.
- Further help: how-to and submission-site-training

- NDTE reviewer will review this submission, which then will be part of a Special Issue of the conference.
- The open access publishing fee will be payed by the organizing conference.

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- Maximal size A0 portrait.
- Take your printed poster to the conference. An electronic submission is not necessary. The exhibition area will provide labels, where the poster is supposed to hang. No prior submission necessary. The acceptance comprises discussions at the poster with the author during the poster session.

Presentation Slides

- Slides must be handed in the break prior to your designated session at the presentation laptop. The use of your personal laptop is not allowed.
- Microsoft Office 2010 is installed on the presentation laptop.
- Your presentation may include videos and animations.
- All main/important Codecs and Players are supported. 
- The beamer resolution is 1600 x 1200 pixel (4:3).

  Please note that the abstract/paper submission or acceptance notification does not go hand in hand with the registration for participation to the conference!  
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